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What is Maqui-Orac?

It is the highest concentrated form of Maqui Berry, with a 1200 mg per serving of Maqui Berry powder in capsules, it is the latest and most powerful antioxidant known today.

What is Maqui Berry?

This new Maqui Berry Superfruit is from the ultra clean Patagonia region in Chile is the HOTTEST & LATEST Super Food discovered! A super food implied that it is packed full with antioxidants and other ingredients that incredibly healthy for your body. Maqui Berry is considered to be one of nature’s most complete and healthy foods! The Maqui Berry contains antioxidants, amino acids, fibers and protein. In our researchers’ opinion, Maqui Berry is possibly the most Important and Powerful Anti-Oxidant EVER to be discovered and offered to everyone in form of a convenient nutritional supplement.

Some of the health benefits associated with the Maqui Berry are:

  • Speeds up Metabolism to Increase Weight Loss.
  • Helps with Healthy Aging.
  • Boosts Strength, Stamina and Energy.
  • Strengthens Bones and Joints.
  • Helps Normalize Sugar-Insulin Metabolism.
  • Helps with healthy Cholesterol Management, Improvement of Digestive System, and Strengthening of Immune System.

What does ORAC mean?

Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC): Developed by food nutrition researchers at Tufts University’s USDA sponsored Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, the ORAC test measures a food’s antioxidant ability to neutralize free radicals and potentially mitigate health imbalances. The power of each fruit or vegetable is measured in Trolox equivalents ( u mole TE/g) per gram. Nutritionist recommend at least 3,000 ORAC per day and more if under any of the various stressors most of us face each day. Most individuals get only 1,200 ORAC units or less per day. The higher amount of anti-oxidants, the better the fruit. Maqui Berry has the highest ORAC score of any known berry or fruit in the world, its ORAC score is much higher than that of the previous champ, the Acai Berry.

What are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants contain an extra oxygen molecule and are able to neutralize the free radical before it does any harm. Our body produces natural antioxidants to combat oxidative stress and inflammation and the cell damage that results. However, the aging process and the various environmental and life-style stressors we face every day create more free radicals than our bodies can naturally fight off. Antioxidants are responsible for ridding the body of dangerous chemicals and toxins, which can cause massive amounts of weight gains. Anthocyanins in Maqui Berries protect low density lipoproteins from oxidation (therefore it is called anti-oxidant). Maqui Berries have very high anti-oxidant levels, significantly higher than other fruits and much higher than that of Acai Berries. Its oxygen radical absorbance capacity is therefore very high. The ORAC score of 100g of fruit is about 27,600.

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